It’s simple really.  We are just professionals who want a place to let loose after having to maintain a cool, calm and collective appearance 100% of the time.  In today’s world we deal with stuff we can’t control right? The printer playing up is an old favourite of ours.  AGGHHHH.  What about when you can’t catch that pokemon! AGGHHHHH.  But we still want to be safe.  We mean you can’t just go around smashing stuff out there in the real world.  So we made a place where it is acceptable to get a bit loose and relief some stress.   It’s called Destruction Therapy.  Rage Rooms are popping up everywhere around the world.  We are proud to be Australia’s 2nd Rage Room and where better place for a bit of therapy and fun than the Sunshine Coast in Sunny Queensland only an hour north of Brisbane.

Our mission here at The Smash Pit is for you to leave relaxed, happy and exhilarated.

We can do that by providing you with:

  1. Some smash protection
  2. A BAT!
  3. Maybe some tunes – Barry Manilow if you’re going through a break up……..
  4. A crate of items to smash.