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A safe place to release the rage and come out a happier person!  But remember – you must be over the age of 18.

26 Price Street, Nambour Queensland 4560

You can contact us by…

Email –

Phone – 0477 183 207

No one is allowed in the smash pits without all the required protection which includes face shield, protective vest, coveralls, gloves and steel cap boots.  You will also be required to be wearing long pants or jeans and a shirt with sleeves (no singlets) and have your own socks.

At The Smash Pit we want you to leave in a happy frame of mind and all in one piece so we provide the safest place possible for this type of activity.   We give you heaps of protective gear so you are covered from head to toe.  We also have rules in and out of the pit for your safety.  All our staff have First Aid Training and we have a First Aid Kit on hand at all times.

We have a range of smash stuff and we will give you a crate according to what package you have chosen.  You can buy more stuff onsite by choosing an add-on.

Yes you can bring your own stuff in accordance with our packages and your stuff will also be given approval by our staff on the day.  Here is an idea……….. bring a few photos of your ex! We can pop them in a frame and imagine how good that is going to feel when you swing away!

Yes we have speakers in the pit. You can Bluetooth from your phone or we can play you a selection from our great Smash playlists.

Just you.  If you have a friend or a package that has more people they will watch you and then have their turn.  This is for safety reasons.